Our Role as Artists

This past season of touring certainly had a new layer of intensity. Traveling with the two little ones stretched us to our limits at times. Working until after midnight, decompressing for a few hours, nursing a baby throughout the remaining nighttime hours and then being awoken early with a toddler was a new challenge. I felt like a marathoner must feel -- pushing yourself even when you feel like you've reached your limit. But the new dimension of the second child combined with the intense geopolitical climate we find ourselves in has provided both renewed motivation for our path as well as a whole spate of new questions. These days our dinner-table conversations are about the balance of incorporating political messaging into our songwriting while maintaining our role as artists to provide an escape for people; we wonder if the journey that we take people on during our shows is enough; we worry about our ability to devote as much time to the music now that we are also caring for two small children and hope we are giving sufficient attention to both endeavors, meanwhile balancing our commitment to our community of friends and extended family, and our inner work; we question whether or not we are doing our part in this time when there is so much need for activism, to work on the major changes needed around our relationship to the earth, our resources, our health, the climate, each other. I'm sure these are all the things you are grappling with as well.

Please stay in touch, and continue the work you are doing. We will continue ours. We're in this together.

Niece. Aunt. Mother. Daughter.
David Wax