Soundtrack Project

I am so excited to share this news: I had the great fortune of working with the talented director, Ross McDermott (whose name you may remember from our Guesthouse music video), to create an original soundtrackfor his film following the life and music of a remarkable Virginia fiddler named Lovell Coleman. I have never written music for a film and am not a movie buff in the least, but I really didn't want that to stop me. I was so eager to figure out an entirely new way of making music and creating mood through sound. Working in the evenings after the kids were asleep, I composed, performed and recorded about a dozen short pieces on keyboard, fiddle, and accordion. It was so magical to create in this way, and I found that working on a project that was entirely my own -- without a band or a producer -- was extremely gratifying. I actually finished the last track while overlooking a canal in a tiny town near the North Sea since we needed one last accordion version of a song. The portability of our technology is so amazing, and I'm very grateful to have these tools at my fingertips. You know, we are all carrying around mini recording studios on our laptops and phones! I have so much to learn, but am really eager to do more of this work. And I hope to share the film with you once it's released!

David Wax