A Decade of Making Music Together

Marking the 10-year Anniversary of this band has brought up incredible emotion for me. I met David at a time in my life when I was completely unsure of my path. I had just been through a tumultuous period in my mid-twenties and I only knew one thing about my future: I wanted to have my life and my family and my work intertwined. I never imagined it would look quite like this, but my fantasy of an interconnected life path is in full throttle. My creative life, my business, my home (that has no walls) and my children are integrated into our wider community in so many ways. It is not always a clean or perfect project. It is heavy with doubts and insecurities and questions of its sustainability. But the mess of life on the road, the fragility of keeping the band together, and the ethereal nature of music itself, and the simplicity of what we're trying to do all continue to inspire me. I feel so proud of committing to something for 10 years. I feel intense gratitude to our children for bearing with us and trusting us, even before they are old enough to have a choice. I am beyond grateful for the doors we open up each day the new faces that become part of
our family. So much welcoming. So much hospitality. So many meals cooked for us. I can hardly believe the generosity of you all who have supported us for a decade now.

I feel that we are just at the beginning. The foundation has been laid, and I'm ready to really grow and learn and deepen now. Thank you for being part of our journey! If anything has changed in me over the past year, it is a recommitment to the music that has this power to bring us together and strengthen us and buoy us and bring us joy! Please continue the work you are doing. We will continue ours.

See you down the road! I love you all!


The prettiest pinkest bathroom I’ve ever been in. #esthersfollies #sxsw2019
David Wax