Producer Carl Broemel's Reflections on Recording Line of Light

My favorite part of making records is combining lots of preparation and hard work with a love for the the spontaneous, unexpected, and chance happenings that humanize the music.

When I listen back to Line of Light now, I hear David, Suz and myself bouncing back and forth between these two ways of working. They had lots of great demos and lyrics, all organized. We prioritized songs, we invited musicians, we booked studio time.

But there were also unexpected breaks to handle kids and meals that stopped any of us from getting too overly serious. Doing overdubs with children in the room playing on a blanket changes your perspective of the music, in the best way.

David was able to not only have tons of great ideas ahead of time, but was able to rewrite a verse right in front of me when I asked if he had any other ideas. It was amazing to see that kind of talent and flow. Also Suz and Dave are able to easily switch from being responsible parents to following their musical muses into unexpected areas. They truly are an interlocked duo in life and music, complimenting and supporting each other. I think they must get their limitless energy and stamina by simply being together, and having the family along for everything.

The songs, the family times, the happy accidents, the good people who contributed, all combined in a wonderful way on this album. On it there is variety, experimentation, and a message throughout of peace, love and togetherness that never gets old and we can never have enough of it!

Photo by Patrick Glennon

Photo by Patrick Glennon

David Wax