Line of Light is Here!

Today is the big day -- our first studio album in four years is released out into the world.

Line of Light is here!

You can get it directly from our store or start streaming it right now! Also, many fine independent records stores will be carrying it. In this day and age, release day (today!) is when you can have the most impact. Having a big first week of sales and streaming is important for opening up opportunities, so it's a good day to share it far and wide, either on social media or the old-fashioned way of just telling a friend.

This record is a document of a time in our lives that hasn't been an easy one. In the last two years, our little world has been rattled by big forces and harsh realities. Spurred on by the events in our hometown of Charlottesville two years ago and Suz's mental health challenges, we've been thinking a lot about our role as artists and the need to put forward a positive, life-affirming vision for us and for our community. This missive of love comes straight from the heart, and we hope it brings you the joy and solace and strength that we seek for ourselves.

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David Wax