Los Lobos!

The tour with Los Lobos couldn't have gone better.  Ever since I first picked up a jarana and started playing open mics in Cambridge, people have been telling me I should open up for Los Lobos.  For years I'd just nod politely and say something like, "That's a great idea.  Thanks for the advice."  Of course, I knew that if that were ever going to happen, I was still so many steps away from sharing a bill with the seminal band digging deep into American and Mexican music.  And so, for a decade, it just remained a pipe dream.  But, damn, it was so gratifying to finally open for Los Lobos and for it to feel like such a great fit.  The audience was so primed to understand what we were doing and the influences we were drawing upon.  And the guys from Los Lobos couldn't have been kinder and more down-to-earth, genuinely interested in how I fell in love with Mexican folk music and actually listening to ourset.  We've been so inspired by them over the years, especially the sonic adventurousness of their albums and the Latin Playboys side project of David Hidalgo and Louie Perez.  If you're not familiar with Latin Playboys, you've got to check it out.  Producer Sam Kassirer first introduced us to their self-titled record while we were recording Knock Knock Get Up, and it was and remains a north star for us.  Fingers-crossed, we'll get to open for these legends again soon.

David Wax