February Tour Recap


What a tour! 10 shows in 10 days including a West Philly commune, a hospital room, a suburban living room, a 200-year-old church, a school, a farm, a restaurant, a hotel, a theater and a night club. We're feeling so grateful to be welcomed into these spaces.  This is what community-focused, DIY touring looks like, and it's empowering for us as artists and for the communities that bring us through to rally folks together and build connections through shared experiences.  We love when folks decide to start a concert series, to invite us into their home, or start a homegrown venue in their town.  Each of us has the power to make a difference in our community by supporting the arts.  One of our hosts, Hill, said that hosting felt like inviting joy into his life.  What a beautiful sentiment!  

When the new record comes out, we'll be excited to bring the full band out to the great rock clubs and music rooms around the country, but for now, we feel so fortunate that we can tour as a family like this.  

In addition to our intrepid tour manager Danni Lanni, we had such an amazing crew of road nannies and bandmates on this run.  So much love for these folks for making it all possible to tour with Calliope and Moses!  So many great homestays as well that made this tour possible, too.  Our children are so lucky to be building up friendships around the country with the children of some of our favorite people.

David Wax