"Uncover the Gold" from Line of Light

Photo by Scott Yates

Photo by Scott Yates

“Uncover the Gold” is a political anthem of hope, a message from a father to his children. I wrote it in response to the events of August 12, 2018, when white nationalist gathered in our hometown of Charlottesville. We, along with everyone else in our community, have been struggling to process the hate rally and the anti-Semitic chants we heard in our otherwise quiet, progressive college town. I've seen our community radicalize in positive ways and strengthen as a result of this terrible event and wanted to write a song that reflected on how an awful situation can reveal something beautiful. I wrote this song for our children as a reminder that light can come out of darkness and as a prayer for a world with less strife and ugliness.

Uncover the Gold

I refuse to live in fear 
Won’t give ‘em what they want
The path ahead’s not clear
But through the trees I see the sun

Though the darkness here is deep
And the raging beasts run wild
Even they must sleep
That’s when we’ll move, my child

Every day is a day
Every mountain just a small hill
Something washes away 
It uncovers the gold

So now we make a ring 
That the shadows cannot cross 
There are names that we won’t speak 
As the stars turn on and off

Here’s my prayer for you 
When the light is at its weakest 
That you’ll find something true
That you will know life’s sweetness

David Wax