Maine Public Radio's Pick of the Week

The first review of Line of Light ! Thanks to Maine Public Radio for the kind words. We love Maine so much and can’t wait be back with our new album. Pre-order it here.

"David Wax Museum's new album, Line of Light, is a collection of songs that not only give us great tunes, but there's depth in them. Sometimes I hear a melody before the lyrics or the other way around. It's such a lovely thing when a song has a melody that gets into your pores and then, after a few listens, you discover the lyrics do too. Some bands have poets for frontmen and this band is one of them. Lovingly produced by Carl Broemel (guitarist for My Morning Jacket and Ray Lamontagne), it's full of variety. Songs that rock and ballads that seduce you. I'm all in for this record and it's wonderfully creative sounds." — Sara Willis

David Wax