Line of Light climbing the iTunes & Amazon charts!

The CBS Saturday Morning airing really propelled Line of Light up in the charts. Here are the latest stats:

Line of Light jumped to #1 on Amazon's Movers and Shakers right after the airing

#1 on iTunes Americana Albums

#86 in Amazon Top Albums

#77 on iTunes Top Albums

#57 in Americana Singles on Amazon

#8 Americana Singles New Releases on Amazon

We know we're living in the age of streaming, so we are particularly thrilled that folks are still buying Line of Light. It's a bit surreal to see our name at the top of these charts, but we are extremely grateful. Join the fun and get your copy now at iTunes or Amazon!

Purchase Line of Light here--directly from our store or start streaming it.

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1 on iTunes Americana albums.jpg
#77 iTunes chart.png
#52 on iTunes Country chart.png
David Wax