Concert in the Blind Recap

Well, the main takeaway from the Concert in the Blind tour is we are definitely going to be doing more of it.  Although in some ways the concept is still in its workshop phase, it was clear that we're onto something here.  We were so thoroughly invigorated by the experience and felt the audience right along there with us.  To have folks totally focused on their sonic experience and not checking their phones for 75 minutes was powerful in and of itself.  But, we also loved the collaboration with our friends Daniel and Lauren (Lowland Hum) and the mystery guests each night.  Plus, we sensed that the audience was allowing themselves to be immersed and moved by the music in ways that we've rarely experienced.  It reminded us of performing to a rowdy festival audience in the Czech Republic as they instantly gave themselves over the experience.  Of course, this was more meditative, but it was also equally stirring.  Many people commented on how the concert was more like immersive theater than a rock show, which gives us so many ideas about where we can take this.  We'll keep you posted as we plan out the next tour.

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David Wax