THANK YOU so much for helping us reach our Indiegogo goal for the new album and new van!  We really couldn't do this without our community of listeners/advocates/friends, so thank you for believing in us and supporting us.  It fills our hearts and fires us up to get back on the road.  We're been finalizing the album artwork and credits, and everything is coming into focus for a busy season of touring in 2019-20.

We're very excited to announce that Line of Light will be officially released this August by Nine Mile Records.

You may still pre-order the new album or get one of the special perks here.

Somerville is sold out but there are still tickets for our duo tour! 
May 16 - Richmond, VA - Chillin' at Chilton House 
May 25 - Rocheport, MO - Pedaler's Jamboree XI *
May 31 - Newtown, CT - Flagpole Barn 
June 2 - Somerville, MA - Stubblebine Lutherie - SOLD OUT
June 3 - Ossipee, NH - @threeporkhill 
June 4 - Plympton, MA - Black Walnut Tree House 
June 5 - Hastings-on-Hudson - @commongroundconcerts 
June 6 - Brooklyn, NY - 432 9th St 
June 7 - York, PA - Sign of the Wagon 
June 8 - Takoma Park, MD - Square in the Circle

Tickets: * = full band show
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David Wax