New York Times – “Finding a Path to Mexico in Appalachia”

New York Times – “Finding a Path to Mexico in Appalachia”

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We’re so excited to share this news with you all! New York Times has interviewed David Wax Museum and the piece is out today! Enjoy! Click here for the full article!

New York Times
“Finding A Path to Mexico in Appalachia”
James C. McKinley, Jr.
September 5, 2012

These days it is not uncommon for indie musicians to range far from their home culture, traipsing through cyberspace to harvest sounds from the world’s folk idioms and then plugging them into their music.
But David Wax, a singer-songwriter from central Missouri, learned Mexican folk music the old-fashioned way, seeking out maestros much as Pete Seeger or the musicologist Alan Lomax might have. Mr. Wax, 30, got hooked on the music while traveling as a college student, and after he graduated in 2006, Harvard, his alma mater, gave him a yearlong fellowship to study in Mexico with masters of regional styles like son calentano, son huasteco and son jarocho.

The music he has made since then with his band David Wax Museum defies easy definition, though some call it Mexo-Americana. He draws on the roots music he grew up with — blues, folk-rock, bluegrass — but he uses Mexican rhythms, folk instruments, vocal phrasings. He even adopts the song structures of “son,” with its repeated lines, and his lyrics, while humorously confessional in the best American folk-rock vein, have a touch of Latin imagery to them. read more.

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